The expanse of land that stretches from the southern banks of Lake Garda across the Mantua plains, reaching east to the river Mincio and west to the river Chiese offers visitors a spectacle of unconventional natural beauty and striking landscapes aplenty.

Area Geografica

These are the Morainic Hills by Lake Garda, the “Colline Moreniche del Garda”, a land of unparalleled character and intrigue, the perimeters of which encompass the towns of Castiglione delle Stiviere, Cavriana, Monzambano, Ponti sul Mincio, Solferino and Volta Mantovana; each of these rural gems basks in the glory of a castle or castle ruins which stand majestically on the highest peak of the highest hills, the starting point of the many towns and villages which rolled out around them over the years, with people's homes, noble villas and mansion houses built in sophisticated Renaissance style.

Forming a picturesque frame of reference to these magnificent towns and villages, and of equally interesting artistic, historical and picturesque appeal, not to mention boasting the same traditions of fine food and wine, is another cluster of villages, the most notable of which are Marmirolo, Medole, Goito, Guidizzolo and Pozzolengo.